Central Arkansas Crappie Association

Central Arkansas Crappie Association Inc,
Established in 2013 for the competitive crappie fisherman.  We are a club that holds tournaments in Central Arkansas throughout each year and we also meet a couple times a year to socialize and talk Crappie!
Club Information

                             2020 Guaranteed Payout For all Regular Events!

1st Place $1,000            1st Big Fish $300
2nd $500                       2nd Big Fish $75
3rd $300
4th $200
5th $175
6th $150
7th $125
8th $100
This includes the sponsor money and is based on a 15 boat field at all events. If over 15 boats the money will be added to the Championship payout. If an event has less than 15 boats we will compensate from another event that had more than the 15.

​Championship payout example without anything added from "over 15 boat" entries from regular events. (Based on a 15 boat field).
1st Place $1,928    ( $500 check from B'n'M Poles included in the 1st place payout!!)
2nd $950
3rd $475
4th $320
5th $125
1st Big Fish $300
2nd Big Fish $75

2020 Jersey ordering info.



Zip collar
Long sleeve $71.19
Short sleeve $67.19

Crew collar
Long sleeve $63.19
Short sleeve $59.19

Hoodies $83.19

You can also order other items ex:Neck gaiter 

Also any order you place over $99 includes free shipping!!

2021 Tentative Tournament Schedule
2021 Club Format info and payout info.
Central Arkansas Crappie Association (CACA) 2021 Tournament Rules
(Please read all the 2021 rules updates are in red)

Interpretation and enforcement of these rules shall be left exclusively to the Tournament Committee. It is the Tournament Committee’s discretion to make a change where safety of the contestants is a concern. In the event of a rule violation, they may impose such sanctions, as they deem appropriate, including, without limitation, disqualification, and forfeiture of prizes, entry fee, and prohibition from participation in subsequent tournaments. All Federal, State, and local laws must be obeyed and it is the contestant’s responsibility to know these laws.
1. Membership and Entry fees for the 2021 season are $1,400 per team and must be paid by April 1st 2021. Each team gets to add one sponsor to the Clubs sponsor banner and website and team is responsible for getting a logo from that sponsor by April 1st 2021. On an open event paired with a CACA event A team can fish both divisions if a team uses two separate boats and the member who fishes the open event must pay the entry into the open event. The team can also chose to use their substitute for the CACA division. Only 25 teams will be allowed to sign up for the 2021 season.
2. In the event that a team member cannot fish an event a team’s substitute can be used. A substitute is limited to one team per season. Each team can have one substitute per season and that substitute has to be disclosed on registration form before the start of season.
3. FISH: When you enter the weigh in line you will need your 7 live Crappie in a 30 quart or larger cooler ready to weigh in, Dead fish will be removed then you will be able to weigh in your remaining live fish. Presenting more than 7 Crappie will result in disqualification for that day. Length limits applies per lake and is each participates responsibility to know these laws and if you present an illegal crappie you will be disqualified. We will only weigh your fish one time, and there will be no cooler swapping you will need your own 30 quart cooler or larger with your fish in it before you come to the weigh in line!!! Please no weigh in bags, Buckets, or plastic sacks.
4. Payout: For the 2021 season we will pay out 60% of the yearly registered teams at all regular events. Championship will pay out 3 spots and big fish.
5. Mobile devices cannot be used during tournament hours to communicate any fishing information to other competitors in voice or text message. This includes Marine radios, walkie-talkies, CB's, etc.
6. Spotting: During tournament hours no one may spot fish for you or mark fishing spots for you!
7. Hole Sitting: No hole sitting by a competitor on non-competitor boat during the tournament will be allowed.
8. Other equipment: Binoculars and other magnifying devices are not allowed during pre-fishing or tournaments at any time.
9. No one can be hired or compensated in any way to fish with you or mark fishing spots for you 30 days prior or at any tournament.
Team members/CACA members are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, honesty, courtesy, safety, conservation and to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, CACA, CACA sponsors, the sport of fishing, and CACA efforts to promote the sport. Examples of conduct not complying with those standards include, but are not limited to, the following: • Violation of or failure to comply with any of the official rules. • Consumption of alcoholic beverages or any kind of mind-altering substance during registration or during tournament hours. • Conviction of a felony. • Suspension/disqualification from any tournament or fishing organization for cheating, refusing or failing a polygraph. • Any other words, conduct or actions (including and not limited to discussion forums and internet sites) reflecting unfavorably upon efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition and compliance with the tournament rules, or which fail to comply with these standards set forth in the first sentence of this paragraph. CONDUCT: In case of any conduct not complying with the standards, CACA shall have the right to refuse any entry application, deny a paid entry application, or revoke a membership by returning the entry fee/membership fee of a previously accepted application, or to disqualify a team.
UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: Unsportsmanlike conduct can be grounds for disqualification if circumstances require and will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Unsportsmanlike conduct could result in membership revocation.
11. Spotters/observers and polygraph: By participation in a CACA tournament you agree to allow a spotter/observer in your boat at any time from Registration until the end of the tournament. By participation in a CACA tournament you agree to submit to and pass a polygraph test or similar test in order to qualify for the receipt of any door prize. CACA shall have the right to polygraph any competing team, at CACA'S discretion. Any member that refuses to take polygraph or who fails a polygraph may have membership revoked.
12. Tournament Protest: Protest must be made in writing to the tournament director prior to the start of the awards payout. Protest must cite the rule allegedly broken. Protest must be deemed a legitimate protest by the tournament director. Both parties may be subjected to a polygraph. All complaints shall be handled in house and with confidentiality. The tournament director's decision is final in all matters.
13. Eligible participants/Membership--CACA membership is required to fish all CACA events. Failure to have an active/paid membership is grounds for disqualification. CACA reserves the right to refuse and/or revoke memberships without cause, reason and/or explanation and without recourse at our own discretion. Membership does not guarantee the ability to enter a tournament. CACA may deny tournament entry to a member without cause, reason, explanation or recourse.
14. Alcohol and safety equipment-- No alcohol may be consumed during or preceding tournament hours. Participants suspected of being under the influence of alcohol during tournament events will be disqualified; this includes the time periods of registration through awards ceremony. All safety equipment required by law enforcement must be in the boat at all times and utilized.
15. Cancellation and Delay-- In the case of extreme weather and/or water conditions, CACA tournament officials reserve the right to postpone or cancel the event. In which case, tournament will be rescheduled by the CACA Committee at a later date and possibly be the following day (Sunday).
16. Tournament hours and Ramps—MAY VARY CHECK WEBSITE FOR INFORMATION. Tournament fishing hours will be from 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. (8.5 hours of fishing time); although the actual start and stop time may vary slightly with the changing sunrise throughout the year. Participants are not allowed to trailer to alternative ramps Unless announced different on specific lake info prior to tournament, Participants must stop fishing at 3:30 p.m. (or the time designated) and be at the weigh in line no later than 4:30 p.m. (or the time designated) for the weigh in. Anyone arriving after 4:30 p.m. (or the designated time) will be disqualified and not allowed to weigh in. We will have permits from AGFC for lakes we allow trailering for the new drain plug and live well law for 2021 we will share this permit on Facebook and on our website so each team can have a copy for that event.
17. Pre-Tournament Inspection and Registration –
All members must sign yearly release form before fishing their first tournament of the season and we will have these forms at the first tournament of the season available for each member starting at 530 am at the boat launch otherwise it is each members and substitutes responsibility to get with tournament officials prior to an event to sign the release form. We will not have morning registrations for the 2021 season and we have the right to do random boat checks during morning boat launch. Teams are allowed to launch their boats one hour prior to start time and proceed to their fishing spot of choice. Boats cannot be launched before the one hour prior to start time and if they are that is grounds for disqualification. If a team knows prior to an event they will not be at that event please let Jason know before Friday night at 7pm.
18. Practice, Off limits, and Boats – Pre-fishing or practice is allowed before any tournament until the lake off limits period begins which will be legal Sunset the Sunday prior to any of the CACA regular events or Championship this means Monday thru Saturday morning one hour prior to start time you cannot be on tournament waters and if you are your team will be disqualified for that event. Off limits applies for all events unless otherwise noted on posted lake information. (BOATS DURING TOURNAMENT HOURS: 1 boat per team can be used and is required to fish any event with CACA and a 9.9 motor or larger must be used.
19. Teams-- Can consists of two adults and children under the age of 16 and any minor under 18 you must have parent or guardian sign a release form. If you are old enough to have a license you are considered an adult. You may fish alone or with a partner or teams Substitute but no more than two adults in a boat. (Rod rule applies a team can only fish with 8 rods during any tournament.)
20. Fishing Methods – Maximum pole limit is 8 poles unless the lake limit is less. This holds true even if more than 2 fishermen are in a boat. All fish to be weighed must be caught during tournament hours!! Live or artificial bait or combination of both is allowed. In the case of a single man team, you are limited to the per person lake limit for that tournament, but not to exceed 8 poles. Yo-Yo’s are not considered as an authorized fishing method by the CACA. You must fish from a boat and stay in the boat with your partner during tournament hours exception would be a bathroom break and in this case if a teammate is out of the boat all lines will need to be out of the water and if that partner chooses not to return to the boat the partner in the boat can go back to fishing but once the docked boat leaves the partner that left the boat cannot enter back into the boat the rest of the day but he or she can participate in the weigh in of their fish , (You can have more than 8 poles in your boat you cannot fish with more than 8!). USING 8 POLES DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY ONE POLE TOURNAMENT!! DURING ONE POLE TOURNAMENTS YOU CAN ONLY USE ONE POLE PER PERSON!
21. Baits-- A maximum of two baits per pole may be used during tournament hours if in accordance with Local and State laws. Live and artificial bait may be used. Crappie must be hooked and landed with a rod or pole by team member(s). Crappie must be hooked through the lip or in the mouth. Landing nets can be used. No trailer hooks allowed. Any type of Snagging for Crappie is not a legal method (Example: use of treble hook or large hook used solely to snag is not legal). Crankbaits with treble hooks are allowed.
22. Winners and Ties-- Winning weights will be determined by the heaviest 7 live crappie of legal size. Legal size is strictly governed by the state and local lake laws and is the responsibility of the participant to adhere to these laws. Any deviation or law breaking of legal size fish will result in disqualification of that tournament. Hot Seat Provision – Tiebreakers: In case of a tie for first place the big fish of each team will determine the winner. Second place on down, all ties split the combined purse of that prize level. Big fish tie: If 1st place big fish ties 1st and 2nd big fish will be combined and split and if 2nd place is a tie money will be split between both teams with 2nd big fish. The leader in both categories will be required to remain in the general vicinity of the weigh station. When entering the weigh in line all crappie have to be alive to be weighed in all dead fish will be removed and you will be allowed to weigh your remaining live fish. (please do not put your fish on ice you plan on weighing in they need to be kept in a cooler or live well in water with some kind of oxygen to keep them alive). The first place, second place, and third place teams will be required to reveal how they fished, general area they fished, bait used and any other info they can give to help everyone learn how to be a better crappie fisherman! This is supposed to be fun and educational!
23. Entry Fees-- Entry fees will be $1,400 for the season which includes memberships entry fees do not cover boat launch fees or license it is each person’s responsibility to take care of this.
24. Big Fish – Each team has the opportunity to present their selected big fish to be weighed and considered for the big fish award. One fish per team can be weighed.
25. Awards Splitting and payout– In the event of a team winning prize money or a big fish pot, any splitting of the prize money will be determined by that team at their discretion. Anyone that receives a tournament check will be required to fill out info sheet for tax purposes and anyone that receives over $600 in a year will receive a 1099 IRS form for that year. Teams must remain at weigh in location to receive any prizes for that event and if not they will forfeit that prize.
​26. Championship Rules and Info---
Off limits applies for championship and all teams that fish the 2021 season can compete in the championship for free.
27. Championship qualification—
All Registered teams for the 2021 season are qualified to fish!!
28. Information Sharing/Gathering: CACA Tournaments will operate under a no information rule. At sunset the Sunday before any event which is the official start of the lake off limits for the week Contestants cannot purchase, barter, solicit, or receive information from any person who is not a registered Contestant. Passing of GPS coordinates is not allowed. Talking to Game and Fish officials during off limits to obtain fishing information is not allowed. Asking bait and tackle stores or guides is not allowed. Any information that is available to the public is fair game and using the internet, social media, or newspaper is considered public information and is permitted. Only contestants that are confirmed for the tournament are permitted to talk and share information with each other.
29. SAFETY: Safe boat conduct must be observed at all times by contestants. During competition, each boat passenger must wear a Coast Guard-approved chest-type life preserver anytime the combustion engine is operating. This preserver must be strapped, snapped or zippered securely and maintained in that condition until the combustion engine is shut off. Inflatable life vest indicators should be checked daily. Violation of this rule shall be reason for disqualification. Boaters are encouraged to carry two Coast Guard approved chest type life preservers per boat. Manufacturer’s lanyard must be attached to the driver’s body any time the combustion engine is operating. Any time the combustion engine is operating and in gear there must be a driver in the driver’s seat in full control of the boat.
30. Points Race--Great news for 2021 Points Race. Winners of the points race will receive an invite to the 2022 American Crappie Trails national championship!
Tournament Director – This position will keep up with the official weights and records for each tournament. This position is also responsible for keeping the records for qualification of teams for the CACA State Championship for that tournament year. This position is responsible for reviewing any protests and presenting to president and vice president at all events.
Vice President-Assist President and Tournament director in making decisions and resolving disputes. This Position also requires a presents at all events and ability to help with registrations and weigh in's at all events. This Position also requires assisting the president in getting door prizes and payouts ready for all events.
President-- This position will be in charge of all registrations for tournaments and Memberships and must be at all club functions. Also responsible for website editing/updating and all social media info including Facebook and Crappie.com. This position is responsible for reviewing all sponsors and contacting them for sponsorship. This position is responsible for all banking transactions including deposits and issuing checks and keeping financial books up to date. This position is responsible for keeping all state and federal tax filings up to date.
Lake Masters/Weigh Masters--will help with registrations and weigh in's. Four Club members will rotate these position at each event. Responsibilities: help with the weigh in, setting up, checking fish, or whatever is needed to execute the process at each tournament. Club members will rotate these position at each event.
Lake Masters and Weigh Masters positions will be determined every season in the pre-tournament meeting for each lake and it is the club member(s) for that event to find a replacement if not able to make the event. If chosen Masters do not show and do not have replacements in place prior to tournament they will be disqualified for the next tournament.
For updates please check our Website www.centralarkansascrappieassociation.com, or our Facebook page.

​Entry fees and Yearly Membership $1,400 per team
Championship Free to all members!!

If any questions feel free to call Jason Westerberg 501-231-5762. Or for updates check on Facebook or the Website www.centralarkansascrappieassociation.com