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Central Arkansas Crappie Association
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2015  Tournament Schedule

February  21st---------Lake Conway Cancelled!!
March 7th---------------Lake Conway   Conway, AR
April 11th------------------Lake Dardanelle  Russellvile, AR
May 16th-----------------Horsheshoe Lake Hughes, AR
June 6th-------------------Lake Dardanelle (ONE POLE ONLY!!)
June 20th----------------Lake Overcup and Brewer Morrilton,AR
July 11th-----------------Lake Nimrod  Carter Cove, AR​​
Aug 8th-------------------Pine Bluff Harbor Pine Bluff, AR
Sept??---------------------Championship TBA​​
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Central Arkansas Crappie Association Inc,
CACA Division 2 (Novice/Weekend Angler Division)
Divison adopted 2-23-15!!​ First Tournament will be March 7th on Lake Conway!

This is for new anglers to give Crappie Tournaments a try until they are comfortable or advance to Division 1 by rules listed below. Our goal is to help everyone learn and have fun in these weekend tournaments.
1. If you fished the previous year 2014 and placed in the top 3 at any tournament or fished any 3 tournaments with CACA you cannot compete in Division 2.
2. Entry fee will be $50 per tournament per team (no added Payout). Besides the Championship which will be $100 per team. CACA membership of $40 is required to fish!
3. Big fish prize will be awarded as one division at all regular tournaments (Division 1 and 2 combined).
4. Payout for Division 2 will be a scale of 1 in 3 boats and will be paid back 100% of entry fees minus the $10 dollars for big fish pot. (Example: 2 boats fish first place wins $80 dollars, 3 boats fish first place wins $72 and 2nd wins $48 and so on.) 3 spots paid out maximum!!
5. If you win 2 tournaments in one season the next tournament you will automatically advance to Division 1 or if you win $500 in a season you will automatically advance to division 1 the next tournament as well.
6. If you decide to fish in a division 1 tournament you cannot fish again in Division 2 at this point you have advanced yourself. Once you advance by choice or by rule #5 you must fish Division 1 in any future CACA tournament you participate in!!
7. Non-Boater rule, if you are a new participate and choose to fish with a division 1 competitor as a Non-Boater you will fish division 1 for that tournament but if the non-boater returns with that partner for another tournament they will advance as a Division 1 participate for all future tournaments. But if that non-boater returns to another tournament with his/her own boat he/she can fish in division 2 but if he/she has a partner they must be eligible to fish as a division 2 participate as well, if the partner is not eligible the boater will automatically be considered a division 1 participate for that tournament and all future CACA tournaments.
8. Championship qualification, if you fish two Division 2 tournaments you will qualify for the Championship. There will only be one division for the championship and every one from both divisions will compete against one another to crown the year’s champions!!! All Division 1 and 2 qualifiers are eligible for all added payouts at the championship! Qualification for the championship does not mean you will be subject to advancement for the next year as long as you still fall within the rules set for division 2!
9. A licensed Arkansas guide cannot compete in division 2.
Central Arkansas Crappie Association Tournament Results
Lake Nimrod 7-11-15

1st Place – Mike Ditmore and Clint Blair 8.40

2nd Place – Jeff Handly and Chris Williams 6.99

3rd Place – Brett Walker and Dennis Bayles 6.85

4th Place – Chris Chandler and Kyle Dines 6.80
5th Place – Scott Black and Ken Fugate 6.68
6th Place – Dustin Harris and Kelley Graham 6.61
7th Place – Gerald Harlan and Ken Wessel 5.63
8th Place – J.W. Williams and Bobby McGaha 5.41
9th Place – Jason and Jim Westerberg 5.27
10th Place---Thorpe and Laurel Breashear 4.73
11th Place—Jonathan Palmer and Jason Koch 4.49
12th Place—Oscar and Megan Chambers 4.02
13th Place—Greg London and Russ Clarke 3.63
14th Place—Paul Ford N/A
15th Place—Jeff Davis N/A

1st Place Big Fish Mike Ditmore and Clint Blair 1.83
2nd Big Fish Gerald Harlan and Ken Wessel 1.38

We have a guaranteed payout of $400 that is added to the grand total of entry fees for the 2015 season at every regular event!! All This is made possible by all of our fine sponsors! 1st Place team of Mike Ditmore and Clint Blair won $537.50 and a $100 gift card from B’n’M pole company!! 2nd Place Team of Jeff Handly and Chris Williams took a check home of $322.50. The 3rd Place of Dennis Bayles and Brett Walker won $215!! Mike and Clint won Big fish for a check of $120!! 2nd place Big fish winners Gerald and Ken won $30!!. Also Jonathan Palmer donated an Ozark jigging rod and it was given to Megan Chambers for battling the 95 degree heat and being one of the female anglers at this tournament! We try to come up with a new idea at each tournament to present this award to.

Next tournament is August 8th at Pine Bluff Harbor on The Arkansas River

Thank you to our sponsors!!
Rockport Rattler, B&B Construction, HR, B’n’M , Zimmerman’s sport center, Westside Marine, Midsouth Tackle, Crappieholic, Fish’n’stuff, Wk Contractors, Bradford Marine, Lake Fork trophy lures, Grizzly jig company, Crappie Magnet, Rod Sox, Charlie Brewer Company.
Pine Bluff Harbor Tournament August 8th info!

We will register at Regional park on Saturday August 8th from 530am-6am fishing hours will be from 6am-230pm and must be in weigh in line by 330pm! We will weigh in at Regional park. At this tournament everyone must launch at regional park but you can fish the river if you chose too. The flow is back to normal but be cautious some of the sand bars have changed in the river so be careful!
If you plan on prefishing Aug 1st or 2nd keep in mind they are set up at Regional park for big bass bonanza so it may be a little crowded at the boat ramp.
Let me know if you have any questions?